In adoration of the process

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I adore GNM. Everything I tried to ease the burning, cracking and peeling in my lips in the past week or so did nothing but make them feel greasy and waxy while they still cracked. Then working with Valrie Blair and Virginia Lehay, they helped me look at the German New Medicine links and emotional connections. Rashes, skin irritations may be about separation from self. Lips can be about not speaking what is needed. Then looking at the times and ages and similar things happening on an exact anniversary led to an overnight healing. My gratitude to Valrie Blair and Virginia L Lehay for doing the math and the detective work with me.

Now after figuring out yesterday at 29, I took my 6 year old son overseas to Australia. The trip was meant for me to find myself after reading Robin Norwood’s “Women Who Love Too Much” because she advised women go somewhere they knew no one and take time to get to know yourself. I felt then my son needed me and protection. Now at 58, twice 29, I was feeling the need to take a 12 year old (twice 6) on this trip because she needed protection and a break from being the oldest and taking care of her mom and her siblings. After figuring this out and giving myself permission to do this trip for me, seemingly overnight my lips healed. Last night at dinner, they were still burning, cracked at the corners and swollen. My realizations and self-permission were less than an hour old.

This morning, they are back to thin, smooth, no visible skin peeling, no crack on the left side and one tiny healing one on the right, smooth, no unsightly orange red skin spread around my lips, easy to open my mouth, no fear of yawning.

I did nothing different except the math, spoke about what I was not speaking aloud 29 years ago and give myself permission to take this journey for me.

Felt very unattractive. Rusti L. Lehay, Professional Writer / Editor