Until about 3 months ago, I repressed a memory of being sexually abused by a family member. This was over 60 years ago and went on for a period of several years. I was in a very stressful and lost state and did not know how to even function day-to-day.

A couple of years ago I  met Val for reflexology sessions -“by the way they are truly amazing”. We also had included German New Medicine. After GNM in one of my sessions, she hinted to me there were signs that I had a repressed memory of a horrific event, which I would eventually remember, when I was ready.

I was now ready! I decided I needed to do something as my BP was through the roof; I was a ticking Time Bomb if I did nothing. Each time we talked before had helped me so much and journaling also and putting down my gratitude things. I realized the pain I was experiencing every day was all due to this trauma I had blocked years ago. She help me reach inside to remember all that had happened back then and finally put this behind me, which influenced the pain I had been suffering every day. The events I had endured as a young girl was so very traumatizing it caused me to bury it deep inside. I had tensed my muscles as a response to this trauma causing my body to go that way.

I now feel I have my life back again, relieving me of the tightness in my body everywhere. I was ready to handle this trauma and she helped me get through it. Now pain free, taking the good out of the bad brought me to the place I wanted to be. You have to do the work but it is so worth it! I never thought I would ever be happy and now I absolutely love life and live in the present.

Now my story is out, and not in the past, I choose to live and be happy. Val’s talks have brought that back to me. Closer and closer to the new me and the happy me, not the sad person. I now have a stable blood pressure. I had suffered for years with very tight muscles everywhere in my body causing pain, and making chiropractic adjustments very difficult if not almost impossible. I assumed this was just the way I was and would always be. I was resigned to live with hard, sore muscles. Since this memory is out and I’ve dealt with it, the unbelievable pain is no longer happening! My life is so good now, I can honestly say I never thought I could ever say that. People say I even look like a new me!